Governance & Compliance

Understand what is required and how to meet the requirements. Regulations and supervision regarding PSD2, KYC, CDD, AML are constantly changing. The requirements are becoming more strict and more detailed, while the time within which to comply with new laws and regulations is becoming increasingly shorter. How best to anticipate to these changes? How do you ensure that all laws and regulations are complied with without hindering commercial goals?

All complex change issues. Based on our core expertises: process management, architecture and change management, we map your process landscape together and teach the organization how to read and change it if the market requires it. Our way of working therefore also focuses on co-creation with the customer, Successful Together, which contributes to the development of the most important "asset" within the organization; Humans. This approach has proven to be the key to success!

Our Case

Hoe krijg ik controle over enorme stroom SaaS die mijn Business collega’s aanschaffen?

Wij zien bij klanten in de financiële sector een toenemende groei in het gebruikt van Cloudapplicaties. Binnen deze categorie verdient SaaS extra aandacht. Wellicht zul je het zelf herkennen. Stel, je werkt bij een bank en binnen jouw organisatie is er behoefte aan een applicatieoplossing.