Customer Experience

Bvolve helped various organizations develop a well-thought-through digital customer experience, for example by designing a digital customer journey. An alternative approach is to apply process mining and data analysis to improve the customer experience.

Legacy systems, legislation, limited data quality and costs of the expected service level are often obstacles for financial institutions in realizing their customer experience ambitions. In addition, manual processes affect the flexibility of the organization, which can lead to limited growth and inability to improve the customer experience.

Using our approach that focuses on iterative short-cycle development, while taking into account the complexity of an organization, we can help you exceed your customers expectations. 

Customer Experience cases

De (interne) IT helpdesk van de toekomst

Is de traditionele (interne) IT helpdesk nog van deze tijd? Met deze, en andere vragen worstelen veel organisaties. Tegenwoordig zijn Self Service Portals en peer-to-peer support in opkomst.