The financial sector is changing; How do you stay in control in uncertain times. Regulations, new technologies and changing customer requests, force you, as a financial services provider, to examine your own organization and business model and implement changes efficiently in the areas of process, performance and people. As a financial services provider you stand, now more than ever, at the basis of healthy economic growth with sustainability, safety and the customer satisfaction at its centre. Developments and challenges we see in the industry include:

  • Digitisation: Delivering speed, convenience and simplicity (the right customer experience) for your customer is necessary to remain relevant. The structure and way of working that is neccessairy for this requires a flexible organization that is set up to respond quickly and effectively to changes and customer wishes, in which digital technologies play a dominant role.

  • New players on the market: the advance of small and large technology companies in the financial sector, the Fintechs and Bigtechs, means that, as a financial service provider, this is the time to innovate and form partnerships not to fall behind.

  • Governance and compliance: Regulations and supervision around PSD2, KYC, CDD, AML are constantly changing. The requirements are becoming more strict and detailed, while the timespan to comply with new laws and regulations is becoming increasingly shorter. How best to anticipate to these changes? How do you ensure that you arere compliant with the laws and regulations without impacting your commercial goals?

These are all complex change issues where Bvolve can help your organization steer the right course. Our strength lies in the search for and implementation of sustainable solutions. We do this by using our core expertise: process management, architecture and change management. Our way of working focuses on co-creation with the customer, Successful Together, which emphasizes the development of the most important "asset" within the organization; People. This approach has proven to be the key to success!

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